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Kids today

Found this image rambling on the net – felt it was appropriate during the connectivism discussion.

Childrens social connections are advancing - http://www.caglecartoons.com/ - Jeff Parker, Florida Today and the Fort Myers News-Press

Children’s social connections are advancing – http://www.caglecartoons.com/


Who is Rósa?

Alien version of Rosa

Hi everyone, my name is Rósa Guðmundsdóttir and I come from and live in Iceland. I am a teacher and teach various computers related subjects to young people aged 16-25 at a Comprehensive College in my hometown; this semester it’s mostly web-design. What I hope to gain from my studies is more in depth knowledge of the functionality of Online- studies and the technical architecture needed to provide students with good learning environment.  My Skype name is rosalegrosa and on Twitter I am @rosaleg. Of course I have a profile on both Facebook and Linkedin.